In this episode I show you a Basic Kriya Yoga Practice and demonstrate the Basic Kriya Yoga Pranayama Technique, which is the foundation of all kriya yoga practice. Kriya yoga is a scientific method for opening the subtle energy channels, balancing the chakras, and charging the gross and subtle bodies with prana. As we persist in kriya yoga practice our awareness becomes progressively more interiorized in the spinal column or sushumna nadi. As we increase the flow of prana through the sushumna nadi our upper energy centers become progressively more energized, which culminates in god and self-realization.

Kriya yoga is a self-initiatory path. There is no substitute for the consistent and daily practice of the techniques, and results are cumulative. So you may notice little change in consciousness over the course of a few weeks, but over the course of a few years of practice you can experience extraordinary transformation.

Link to Detailed Description of Kriya Pranayama Technique:


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